Radon is a radioactive gas produced by decaying radium present in soil and rocks all across America and steadily gets into the air we breathe right from underneath. It has no odors and cannot be tasted or seen but the gas is a leading cause of lung cancer more so, to the smoking population in the state.

There is no risk of getting affected by the gas when in the open but with the rise of energy saving trends such as insulation of buildings and caulking among property owners, radon is increasingly accumulating in such buildings without finding possible exits. In Annapolis, Maryland more structures are being erected on soil and rocks which makes it plausible to do a comprehensive radon test as it is probable that the gas is seeping through cracks and crevices of such commercial or residential buildings.

Atlantic Real Estate Services is a trusted partner to many homeowners in Maryland and experienced specialists in Home Inspections, Environmental Testing, and Building Consultations. Our skilled AARST-NRPP professionals are thorough in radon test and our expert radon mitigation specialists ensure that your living or working space is pristine with cutting edge solutions for perfect health!

Rigorous Radon Test in Maryland for your Peace of Mind

We recommend long term testing of your premises as the levels of radon may fluctuate on an hourly basis, day to day or even seasonally. Short term tests can give inconclusive samples as they evaluate radon concentration in an average span of 24 hours. With conclusive test samples, you can request tests after a couple of years if the levels are found to be at a minimum.

Testing is also in order after making major renovations. The main objective is to prevent radon from decaying into toxic solids, otherwise called radon progeny, in your living or working space which would cause irreversible damage to lung tissues once inhaled leading to cancerous effects. The greater portion of our time is spent in our valued homes with loved ones hence places of residence are our primary focus.

All types of homes, old or new, can be affected by radon including drafty homes, well-sealed homes, and houses with basements or those without. Radon can also get into the building from your water supply. This poses a lower risk as compared to radon infiltration through the soil but our services strive to cover all bases to be 100% sure. Radon water supply presents the risk of contamination not only through inhalation but also ingestion.

Recent research, however, indicates that chances are higher for contracting lung cancer from breathing radon than getting stomach cancer from contaminated water. Radon is mostly found from groundwater supplies as opposed to surface water supply in Maryland.

There are multiple strategies that you can apply to your commercial or residential premises to be safe from radon. Our professional radon mitigation in Maryland team will walk you through the most functional long term solutions that are budget friendly. Atlantic Real Estate Services is a family owned business that upholds great values and has a deep sense of moral obligation in creating sustainability in the vibrant community of Annapolis, Maryland. Get in touch with us today and our best team will be with you in an instant to test your home for radon gas expeditiously!